Friday, November 8, 2013

365/2013 - Day 311

starting another new hand sewn guy

This is closer to what I sketched for myself a few days ago.  It is a sort of a lion-creature-guy...sort of.

I put roughly ten hours into this guy today.  I am putting him away for the night now.

Adding a row of knotted pieces of flat ribbon-like yarn (the same stuff I use for "hair" on Tookies and Tooklets).
What the inside of the "body" looks machine sewing today.
Not too bad for hand sewing from a non-sewing person.
I attached the head to the body.
I added a second row of "hair".
The yarn mane needs a good trimming.
About halfway done with the second ear fingertips cannot pull the needle through anymore tonight.

I will most likely go back to working on this guy tomorrow night.  Tomorrow daytime I am subbing for Patti at the Northville Art House Store.

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