Saturday, November 30, 2013

365/2013 - Day 333

Grammy escapes the saw tonight

I was planning on taking off the front of Grammy's face tonight.  As I got ready and pulled the saw out something told me to just try and pull the nose additions off -- what was there to lose -- I'd be cutting it off later anyway.  Voila (for now)!

I didn't mind the way things were going except that Grammy wasn't cute anymore.  This is what happens when I try to assert my idea onto something that is coming out of nowhere...something that is taking shape as it goes along.  I wasn't unhappy exactly with the face/head from yesterday but it wasn't quite "Grammy"-y enough.

Here is the progression:

LOL -- "before" - tonight Grammy almost looked like a cow...or the Mock Turtle w/o a shell.
pulling off the add-ons
cute again
another view
"after" -- so far
She has a lot of different looks as I work on her -- pig (not going to be a pig), tarsier (with little eyes), Yoda (not going to be a Yoda relative) -- I have no doubts whatsoever that Grammy will keep asserting herself and become what she wants to be.
Uh-oh -- what I thought was a pencil line yesterday is actually a crack...I need to build her arms up a bit'll get fixed.
Yep -- she is closer to "It was about this big" again.
Much happier tonight -- both of us.

Her tail fell off all the way yesterday, too.  She is nowhere close to being done yet.  Her ears still need work, she needs an eye treatment, the back of her head needs work, it isn't quite "right" around her chin yet...I am sure she will keep evolving into what she is supposed to be.

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