Thursday, November 7, 2013

365/2013 - Day 310

well, I thought it was a robot...

...but apparently it wants to be more of a he's a robot-guy for sure now.

I was originally working on this guy towards a specific goal but now that he has shown me more of who he is (vs a robot) I think I may end up keeping him and trying to make something else for the goal instead.

Here is a look at how he changed today.

Today I added the beads to the antennae and the stitching at the base of them.
I added the connection between his head and body -- a strip of flat ribbon-like yarn with seed beads on top.
Then he got a nose.
Then he got ears (I tried several colors but these dark blue ones were the first I tried and were the ones he wanted).
Then came the sleeves/arms.
I was going to make two separate legs but it turned out one (cut in half) was fine for both.
And here is how he looked at the end of the daylong session.
At this point I was pretty much aware that I will most likely keep this guy for myself (and my collection).
Yep -- those legs are a good length.
And here he is with the other small spikey guy I am still working on...they seem to get along.

In a her comment on Facebook on a photo of this guy's new look (turning from a robot to a guy) Juana said, "
He's super cute, but he does look more organic than robotic! Maybe he's like Pinnochio, and now he's a 'real' guy."  Yeah, may-be...and also maybe that is why he has static on the screen of his monitor (body).

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