Tuesday, November 5, 2013

365/2013 - Day 308

buying some fabric

This morning I participated in a research survey thing that had to do with SUVs...giving my opinions on various design aspects (climbing in and out of 5 different vehicles several times each -- oof...I am achy and tired) and it took nearly two hours, but I was compensated $100 cash for my time.  COOL -- let's go fabric shopping!

I don't sew a lot, so I don't have a very large selection of fabrics when I do want to sew something.  I didn't need anything fancy or expensive and thankfully, Joann Fabrics took that totally out of my hands by offering such a large assortment of those fabric quarter packs.  Man -- I was in that store for close to 45 minutes...and I didn't even look at ANY bolts of fabric.  (This is one of the many reasons I do not sew...too many choices/fabrics/accessories.)

I treated myself to nineteen packs of fabric in a pretty wide range of colors and patterns.  I had two projects in mind (that I even took with me to help with the selections) but I also couldn't resist a few of the packs "just because"...but I truly reined myself in.  I put back about a third of the packs I initially put into my cart.  I also had it in my head that I wanted a package of batting...but hopefully something flatter than the batting I got a while back...and I found a small package that didn't need to be measured/cut at the desk.  I figure I will use it eventually.  And after playing around with the colors/fabrics/ideas when I got home, I am really glad I got the batting because (even though I probably won't be using it "correctly") I think I can achieve my end goal with it.

I made this guy's head last night before I went to bed, and I started a second one -- but I need some bigger buttons for the second one (which was the OTHER thing I wanted from Joann Fabrics but couldn't remember).

I'm not going to say what this guy is hopefully going to be for (in case it doesn't work out or I don't get him done in time), but I am putting yesterday's spikey guy on hold for a bit.

After playing around with the fabric packs I came up with this combo.  He is going to be a little robot guy with some distortion on his monitor.  I haven't totally worked out his arms and legs and other embellishments yet.

I will be working on him tonight (I think) but I wanted to post this blog entry now in case I get distracted or nod off or something.  I also want to work on one of the smaller collages I started a long time ago (on a repurposed canvas) but that might not happen.

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