Monday, November 25, 2013

365/2013 - Day 328

close to done

I think this guy might be close to done (if not all the way done).  Yay!

He doesn't look much like what I half-thought he might look like when we started out together.  Today he let me know how he wanted his hands finished.  I chose the look of his feet and (what turned out to be) cuffed pants.  I am very pleased with today's work.  Very.

"These...cut the tips off of theeeeeese...they will me."
The edge of his hand/arm "before".
First hand with fingers...or claws.
He was right...they did fit.
Second hand...I finally caught on how to tame the edge of the clipped part after six and eight look better.
This is what I ended up with after about seven different looks...I had a couple of leftover fingers from the gloves that his head is made of.
A couple of years ago Andi made a cover for a tall cupboard I was using next to the Art-o-mat machine for a short stay in Northville...before Greeny moved to the Art House.  I've been cannibalizing the material for a while now and I still  have some of the edging.
I cut some of the machine stitched hem and folded it over and stitched it together...for me, those are teensy stitches...crampy hands after that bit!
But I like the result very much -- to me it looks like his paws/feetys are made of the same material as his head and his orange pants have finished cuffs...the fabric comes close to matching.
Ta-daaaaaa -- I think he might be done!

If I do any more to him it will just be little tweaks I think...I really like him a lot.

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