Saturday, November 16, 2013

365/2013 - Day 319

fun with Juana and Franciney

Today I met up with Juana and Franciney (I don't get to see Franciney very often).  We went to the Ridge Fine Art Show to look around, shop and say hi to a few artist friends.

(I need to apologize for the not-exactly-focused photos in today's blog post...I don't know if it was the low lighting and long shutter speed and I moved or if my camera was bumped out of the right setting in my purse/tote bag...I took a LOT of pictures, but these are the only ones that are close to being in focus.)

Juana and Franciney choosing items at Martha Bishop's booth.
Franciney looking at the tiles of Gretchen Kramp.
Gorgeous clay sculptures by Laurie Sharkus.
another view -- Laurie Sharkus
one more -- Laurie Sharkus
Approaching Laurie Eisenhardt's booth.
If I had an unlimited art fund, I'd spend a lot of it at Laurie's booth...these are even more magical in person.
And there is the magical Laurie Eisenhardt, herself!
Oh man...I love this piece!
I could only choose one item today and this was what I picked...thanks, Laurie!
And look -- here is Diane Hawkey's booth!  These are so wonderful!
And geez...these adorable little owls!
Diane's is another booth where I could do a lot of damage to my bank account -- I stopped myself after this totem guy and one of Diane's fabulous little houses.  Thanks, Diane!

After the Ridge Fine Arts Show we went to have a late lunch/early dinner and we ended up at Christine's Cuisine in Ferndale.  Then we still had some time to kill before our other destination, so we went to Goldfish Tea for tea and sweets for Juana and Franciney...I am not a tea drinker and lately I've been kind of off of sweet stuff so I sipped some refreshing ice water in a glass mug.

Then we went over to LIFT Designer Toys and Gallery to see "Cryptic Beasts: A Cryptozoology Show" art show featuring over 25 forgotten creatures created by artists across the globe.  Again, I apologize for the blurry pictures.

This is a really great show -- you need to go see it in person!
You Make My Heart Explode by Allison Vince
My, What Nice Teeth You Have by Allison Vince

Creature #2 by Danielle O'Malley
Dark Horse by Chelsey Pettyjohn
Alton. A by Wanju Wu
We Build Upon Them by Josh S. Lewis

While at LIFT we got to say hi to Kent and Franciney purchased a big vinyl toy she's had her eye on for a long time...we also had a chance to have a little chat with Kim.  And we said a very quick "hello" to Robert del Valle!

Cryptic Beasts:  A Cryptozoology Show runs through December 8 at LIFT Designer Toys and Gallery / 228 W Fourth Street / Royal Oak, MI / 48067

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