Wednesday, November 20, 2013

365/2013 - Day 323

well...that didn't work out so well

Back to the drawing board for this guy and his claws!  Tonight I tried to add some felted claws to this little guy's foot but things didn't go so well.

I used a piece of hand felted felt and it was a combination of being too fluffy and the piece not being big enough to sew...I think.  I am going to get some regular felt from Joann's Fabrics tomorrow and start over.  I think the thinner, tougher regular "felty" felt will work better.

I cut a row of pointy "claws" from a small piece of hand felted felt I had.  I also cut the bottom of this guy's foot to insert the felt.
Boy oh boy -- that foot's glove material really started unraveling quickly!  I've cut glove parts before and they haven't acted like this...but then again, this particular pair of gloves -- a new one for me from this season's batch -- is different from other pairs of gloves.  Different texture and weave.
I tacked the "claws" in place...nope, just not what I had in mind. 
I will try again with regular store bought "felty" felt.

And one more thing -- I just have to mention how much I love being a member of the Northville Art House Exhibit Committee -- I love each one of my fellow committee members so much.  We finalized the 2014 calendar year tonight -- it is a really solid and exciting line up of shows!  Everybody has such wonderful ideas and is so eager to help.  I am so happy and proud to be a part of this!

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