Monday, December 2, 2013

365/2013 - Day 334 (a day late)

Oh dear...

It appears that I slipped into Benadryl land before posting to the blog last night.  Ah well.  Here is what I had is just a day late.

I've been wanting to paint the big canvas (gawd knows why) and my artist/painter/genius friend Peggy suggested a technique that she uses sometimes: use a piece of chalk to get your main outline.

I originally got this gigantic (for me) canvas as a painting at Salvation Army a while back.  It has had many things on it so far but none have really be "right".  I finally covered it over completely with black paint and a roller, then orange and green with a roller, then fooled around with some colors and a circles template (the circles probably won't stay).  I couldn't deal with the canvas -- it was still a blank to me -- almost as bad as an new untouched white one.  

A couple of days ago -- to my complete surprise -- I was looking towards it from my desk and I could sort of see stuff coming up through the orange/green mix.  I couldn't believe it.  Then I remembered Peggy's chalk suggestion and I grabbed the big piece of sidewalk chalk (that I got from Joan at the Northville Art House) and much to my amazement I was able to outline the guy I was seeing.  

Here are some shots of the canvas as it progressed.

The original "before" -- in its horizontal version.
The horse guy was the longest lived character...the giraffe girl to his right was several other many things before this.
Hard to see, but the giraffe girl is finally gone and a strange little panda guy in overalls showed up to take her place.  I have put a LOT of time into this collage.
How it looks right now.

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