Tuesday, December 10, 2013

365/2013 - Day 343

slight changes

Well, my furnace guy's guy came today and we thought things were fixed but then when he checked one last time, the condensation collector pump thing was leaking again so I do need a new one and he did not have one on the truck, so he has to come back again tomorrow.  I have heat (I was never w/o heat), the humidifiers(s) are finally on, but the water is still leaking onto the floor by the furnace.

The other slight changes are with the goat guy collage.  I decided to switch Hershey with my GBF (goat boyfriend whose name I still don't remember).  I printed out the photo I took, fooled around with the color and size and printed out a couple of black and white "head shots" that I cut out and was thinking of collaging onto the board...but I wasn't happy with the b+w copies so I went back to the color and tried using carbon paper to transfer an image of sorts.  I don't hate the results, I am just not sure I will go with this version because I am not very confident with shading and painting and coloring.  We'll have to wait and see how things unfold.

How the collage looked when I started out today...Hershey.
Hershey erased...but you can still see a little bit of him...plus the original image that is coming through the papers that put me in mind of a goat.
The altered photo of my goat boyfriend.
Trying to get an image transfer.
Carbon paper tracing.
The result.  This needs a lot of work, plus I think he needs horns.  My GBF doesn't have horns.
Hershey is a great goat, but my GBF is definitely more photogenic and handsome.  But then again my GBF is a pure-bred goat who is used for breeding.  I don't remember what kind of goat he is...maybe I will look it up.

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