Wednesday, December 4, 2013

365/2013 - Day 337

I'm not so sure about this new guy

It was another super Wednesday Morning but Joan and Leann met up with me at my house (instead of us going to Joan's) because I had to wait to hear from my furnace guy.  It has been a few weeks since we last got together for a Wednesday Morning and it was really really good to see them!

I worked on the new guy (I'm trying to make a second doll for PCCA's Holly Dolly Fundraiser) but I am not so sure I like him as-is yet.

I attached his fingers (that I made last night while watching television) and I tacked his body fabric on and then tacked on his arms and legs.  I really love his arms/fingers and I like his legs (so far) very much.  I can't quite put my finger on what it is I am not happy with. 

I like the checkered material.  I love his eyes.  Maybe it is the shape of his body.  Maybe it is his face overall.  Maybe it is that I (for me) need to have a distinctly separate (or more defined) head/body.  I love dolls by other artists who have a one-piece head/body but maybe it is not my style.  Maybe this guy needs a head.  Maybe his body is too solid (for me) vs my usually more squishy guys.  I am feeling a little bit that he looks (right now) like a checkered potato with arms and legs.

I will figure it out...but here are the photos from this morning and this afternoon.

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