Monday, December 9, 2013

365/2013 - Day 342

same headache(s), different day

Man...I still have the same throbbing/splitting headache(s).  The furnace guy is sending his guy tomorrow.  I have high hopes things will start to straighten out a little.

Meanwhile...I tried to work on this goat-guy collage tonight.  I wanted to try to use Hershey as my reference but I don't know...his coloring is beyond my capabilities I think.  I am not knocking myself, just trying to be realistic.  I also have a picture of my "goat boyfriend" (whose name I cannot recall).  Maybe I can eventually turn this collage into something that looks more like my GB.  I know, I know...he is a different kind of goat than Hershey...but what the heck...I can't really draw a "real" goat anyway...let alone paint one.  Ha ha...yeah.

cropped down photo of Hershey
Hershey was the reference/model for my goat guy collage.
Trying to block out some color with colored pencil...not really working.
I think Hershey's coloring is too complicated for me.
My GB (goat boyfriend) might work out better.

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