Wednesday, December 18, 2013

365/2013 - Day 351


Today has been an especially trying day dealing with my lymphedema.  My legs, ankles, feet, (and even hands and parts of my arms) are really swollen today...bad enough so that I cancelled going to Wednesday Morning with Joan and Leann (at Tuscan Cafe no less!) and postponed a fun late lunch/early dinner meet up with Joanne.  Gah.

Needless to say, I haven't accomplished much today but I did get started on putting up those pesky shelves I have been wanting to put up.  Then ones that will re-home and display my vinyl toys. 

So -- shelves!  Well, shelf.  

I ended up going back to my original plan for the long train shelf.  I hung it under the medicine cabinet in my studio bathroom -- I will actually get to SEE my train all the time!  Here are the photos from today.

The train still in the big display case -- the stupid  I-am-not-particularly-fond-of-but-that-fits-the-space-and-it-doesn't-really-matter-because-I-can't-replace-so-I-need-to-keep-it display case.
The other vinyl toys on the top shelf of the display case -- I hope I have enough new shelf space for them all.
Where the shelf and train are going -- and yes, the back splash thing does dip down in the middle.
Using Art-o-mat blocks to determine a good height for the shelf under the medicine cabinet...and using the giraffe guy to gauge how tall the shelf needs to be.
Getting to work.
Adding the L-shaped corner bracket things.
Leveling the shelf because it sure doesn't look even...but I know the board isn't totally flat, either.
Ta-daaa -- level-ness achieved!
The train!  No matter which direction I face the train, some guys will not be looking towards the viewer.
The engineer.
This guy -- the dragon guy -- is what made me love this toy series.
Some more passengers.
This section of the passengers is my favorite -- the shark brothers, the guy with the broken arm, and the bat guy.
Another favorite -- this fine fellow is bringing up the rear.

Whew -- I am so happy this is finally done!  

The train is "Rollin' Stock" a mini series of toys designed by Kid Acne for kidrobot in 2009.  Click the links to find out more about Kid Acne and kidrobot and the series.  I am SO in love with these guys and it was very hard to track down a couple of the passengers (which is why I have duplicates of some -- then I resorted to eBay) but I am so thrilled to have them all.  Of all of the collectible blind box toys I have purchased over the last few years, this is my absolute all-time never-ever-get-tired-of-them set.

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