Sunday, December 29, 2013

365/2013 - Day 362

moving stuff around on the walls - day three

I'm back at it again today...but included in today's activities was a massive sorting of my personal Art-o-mat collection...and then regrouping my inventory of Arto-art for my machine at LIFT in Royal Oak.  It has taken all day -- there is a lot to go through.

The walls are looking better -- art-wise!
I put magnets on the back of these Woodie Anderson "Wood | Play" pieces.  Man -- I stirred up the Liquid Nails today because the stuff finally started coming out of the tube in the consistency I have seen before.  I guess the material had separated in the tube because it was stored in my basement unopened for so long.  MAN -- what a difference fumes-wise and drying time-wise!  I won't be using Liquid Nails in my not-very-well-ventilated studio again!
Clamped...drying time is much longer today.
Sorting my Arto-collection...
...two boxes underneath this one...
...and THESE -- four boxes of small non-wall items and a box and a half more to go on the walls.

And tonight when I was finally ready to put those magnetic strips in their new wall space -- POW! -- the wall threw me a curve ball.  It was as if Babs Johnson and Crackers (Pink Flamingos) had licked the wall so that it would reject anything I tried to do.  SO frustrating!  I had a phone conversation with my brother-in-law to see if he had any ideas (he has worked on various walls in my house before) and he said it is most likely that drywall was put up over plaster walls and that is what I am running into.  Gah!  So I am off in search of more wall dog screws tomorrow I guess.  My poor wall -- now it matches the other one...geez.

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