Monday, December 16, 2013

365/2013 - Day 349

whoa -- it almost happened again!

Today was day two of art pick up for the "[small] Works Exhibit" at the Northville Art  House.  Yesterday I had help from Bob, Liz, and Amy.  Bob did the labels/stamps on the postcards for next month's show (which he is coordinating), Liz stuffed class registration flyers, Amy started doing some of the hanging hardware removal and spackling of holes (and registration flyer stuffing), and I greeted the artists and finished up the paperwork and told them about the next calls for art and about becoming a member (if they weren't already).  Tonight it was just me.  The postcards and flyers were completed yesterday.  Tonight I removed hardware and spackled as art was picked up.  Then after the last artist had collected her pieces, I sanded the spackled areas and did the touch-up painting on the walls.  Then I came home, fed the cats, took my evening medication and got into my chair to watch some tv and wait for the meds to kick in.  

I think I figured out what is going on with me...I am not used to walking in my snow boots yet and between the "new" way I am pitched in the boots, along with navigating the deep snow in my back yard to get to the garage and then doing the I'm-old-and-I-don't-want-to-fall babystepping  on lightly snow covered (or slush covered) walkways and parking lots.  My body is killing me tonight -- I hurt so bad and that wears me out and then I conk out when I sit in my recliner.  Before I know it, I have dozed off and then I miss my self-imposed midnight deadline for posting to the blog. 


So I just now woke up just in time to get in here to beat the deadline.  Sheesh.

Guess what I've been doing.  I get more paint on me than on the surface I am working on.

Okay.  "Mystery" solved.  I feel slightly better now that I've had some sleep and the pills have taken the edge off of the pain but I still hurt.  I have such a laundry list of stupid physical problems but it is what it is...and it is just going to take some time to get used to the winter routine again.  And honestly, I am not complaining -- just reporting on what is going on.  I have it so easy compared to many of the dear people I know.

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