Saturday, December 7, 2013

365/2013 - Day 340

quick stop at Paint Creek, then lunch

Juana and I made a quick stop at Paint Creek Center for the Arts to drop off a couple of dolls for the Holly Dolly Fundraiser.  While we were there, we looked around in the Holiday Gift Gallery -- there are some really delightful items!

Juana spotted a couple of Tookies in one of the glass cases.
Waaay cool mugs!
Tiny robot army!
Beautifully made!
Wonderful ceramic rattles!
Juana's favorite.

After Paint Creek we went to Franciney's house (I have never been there before) and visited with Franciney and Jed (the parrot) and then Juana, Franciney and I went out to a really great lunch.  Good day!

I am taking tonight off.  My fingertips are very tender from needle pokes (from all of the sewing lately) and those super sneaky extremely dry hands cracks on the tips of your thumbs/fingers that you don't notice until they turn into exaggerated (and deep) paper cut-like owwwwwwy spots. Wah.  Poor Took.  It is also a major time-for-the-Benadryl night.

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