Tuesday, December 24, 2013

365/2013 - Day 357

keeping busy

Late this morning Sue and Pepper came over so that Pepper could replace the venting on my clothes dryer -- it was so full of lint and the dryer hasn't been working properly.  (I hope that is all it is.)  When they left I put up the broom/mop/etc. holder in the laundry area.  It is so funny to me how excited I was to finally get that holder and a new dust pan and whisk broom.

Later in the afternoon I rearranged some artwork on a couple of walls to be able to hang the three Kate Paul drawings and the Janet Szeto block print that I purchased from the "[small] Works Exhibit" at the Northville Art House.

And then I was still in the mood to hang stuff and when I went to find the remaining magnetic strips that I got at Ikea when I first moved to this house I was sadly disappointed to find I only have three strips left.  I wanted to put magnets on the backs of a whole bunch of Art-o-mat pieces to add to my collection.  But with only three I can't really make an arrangement on the wall until I can come up with more of the strips (or something to replace them) -- I looked at Ikea online and they no longer seem to have the Spontan magnetic strips.  When I bought them originally (about 5 years ago) they were under $5 each (probably closer to $3) and the only place I could locate some today was on eBay and they only had 2 and they were listed at $16+ each.  What?  Oh well.  I emailed customer service at Ikea with a description and a couple of photos of the item.  I hope that I get good news from Ikea sometime soon.

This is the initial batch of Art-o-mat art that I would really love to display.  Three boxes FULL plus that tray.  I have a couple more bins of loose arto pieces to go through...this is scratching the surface of a pretty longtime collection.
I put magnets on the back of the Art-o-mat blocks and put them on the magnetic strips.
The Spontan magnetic strip from Ikea.

Ikea has magnetic knife racks listed now that are the closest thing I could find that would probably do just as well but they are $15 each.  MUCH more than I had in mind to spend.  I will keep looking.  I have a couple of ideas that might work, but now this is put on hold.  I have plenty of magnets, etc. but what is the point until I can find a new holder.

One long stretch of my Arto-collection.
Two more stretches of Arto-pieces.

This evening I got started on the matching up of bodies to animal heads for my Animal People series for Art-o-mat.  Frankly, it is a bit of a pain to get started and get the "feel" back for finding the right size head and the right expression, but once I get going it is so satisfying.  I love making Animal People.  

Heads & bodies drying.
I like this cat girl a lot.
Some of these will end up as Animal People for my Art-o-mat series...some won't make the cut because they are too large for the block or I am just not happy with the head/body/expression combo...others will work out great.

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