Friday, December 27, 2013

365/2013 - Day 360

displaying Arto-art

Well, I got a reply from Ikea customer services today and unfortunately, those magnetic metal strips I was looking for have been discontinued since 2009.  So -- I decided to change a small wall section in the studio to be able to put up the four strips I still have and maybe if I come across any more of them in the house somewhere I will still be able to fit them onto this wall space.  

The wall space I am re-doing today...I will relocate these other pieces in the studio somewhere.
"Measuring" the spacing for the next magnetic strip using another Arto-block to make sure there is room.
Yay -- all four magnetic strips are on the wall -- now, to fill them up!
Some of the blocks in my waiting-to-be-displayed boxes already had magnets on them from a previous installation.
Adding the magnets with Liquid Nails and using lightweight clamps for secure drying time.
Ta-daaa -- not too bad for racing the clock tonight!

I am really disappointed that those Ikea magnetic strips are no longer available.  I still don't think I want to pay the eBay prices for the two or three I found online.  I will figure something else out -- it's just that these strips are so "finished" and nice, ya know?  I still have a LOT of Art-o-mat art in my collection to display -- this is just scratching the surface!
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