Thursday, December 26, 2013

365/2013 - Day 359

this really happened today

I kind of wish I had taken a photograph this morning when I first saw this image -- I almost did -- but I can never get the camera to "see" what I am trying to show it at times like this, so I let it go.  But I haven't really been able to ignore the image in my head so I decided to come into the studio and try to put it onto a canvas tonight.

I use the bathroom that is in my studio for many things -- including using it as a sort of spray booth for spray painting and spray varnishing and other various messy things.  The floor of the bathroom is really wrecked-looking and stained.  When I spend time in there I tend to drift a little while looking towards the floor and images surface -- like looking at clouds and making pictures, you know?  Yes I is kind of strange...and maybe you're thinking "oh that poor woman has finally lost her mind", but it is what it is and it happens all the time only usually I have forgotten about any imagery once I leave the area.

This morning's image has burned itself into my brain.  The only way to describe it is like a large, lumbering bear-like creature who is swinging his arms and taking a really long stride...head up and carefree.  I tried drawing it just afterwards and then tried to forget about it.

Tonight I came into the studio in search of a canvas to repurpose with the image.  While I have always really liked this calf-guy in what looks like a ornately medalled military coat, I have never been able to get any farther on it.  I turned the canvas end over end and oh-my-goodness...the bear-like creature was THERE!  Nearly as good as he was on the bathroom floor.

The calf-guy.
The untouched canvas upside down from the calf-guy.
Chalk outline...the surface is too bumpy for the big piece of chalk I have...can't get a good outline.
I went back in with a dark green colored pencil.

When I tried to sketch this guy this morning I couldn't get his legs right.  Tonight on the canvas the legs are great.  I am going to try to photograph the floor image tomorrow morning (the light isn't right at this time).  I really hope he is still there because his face was pretty detailed...either way, I am going to figure this guy out.

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