Wednesday, August 28, 2013

365/2013 - Day 239

another lovely Wednesday Morning

It was another lovely session of Wednesday Morning with Joan and Leann...this time back at my house. 

Joan and Leann came over this morning with projects to work on while we talked and talked and then talked some more.
I worked on the little spikey guy -- I focused on his head.  I got a basic shape and added to it. 
This is his body.
I decided to go with this fabric on either side of a green triangle on the top/sides of his head...I tacked the fabric in place.  I am making this up as I go along (no pattern) so I cut the fabric fairly large.
Two pieces are added...but the fabric on the left needed to be unstitched and moved closer to the horn.
That's better.  Then I folded the fabric down and made another stitch...I will add another color to be his chine and lower jaw...but this was all the time I had this morning.

Time went by SO fast while Joan and Leann were here -- suddenly it was time to pack up.  Then I met up with Joan at the Art House and filled in for Patti in the Art House Store.  Today I added address labels and stamps to the postcards for the upcoming exhibition that opens on Friday, September 6.

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