Saturday, August 17, 2013

365/2013 - Day 228

I LOVE doing stuff like this!

I may have mentioned that I am curating an art exhibition in October at the Northville Art House.  It is my first time ever and I so excited...but I am not sure that I mentioned (out loud/specifically) that I am coordinating the exhibit part of the November/December NAH holiday festivities. 

I cannot put into words how much I absolutely love doing this sort of prep work and organizing -- I'm a triple Capricorn and this is so "me".

Click on the image to be directed to the PDF entry form for the show!

Thursday and Friday I was addressing/stuffing envelopes to send out the call for entries.  I included galleries, art centers, a handful of Detroit-area colleges, as well as some individual artists.  I also chose venues that are outside of our immediate area and included them in the open call.  Last week Juana and I teamed up to hand deliver the flyers to some key local spots.  Joan and Patti sent flyers to ten locations when the flyers first arrived.  All together thirty-one venues will have the flyers. 

Today Joan helped me with the computery stuff and put the call for entries on the Northville Art House's Facebook page.  I shared the post a couple of times, Juana has as well.  I hope lots of other people will share it, too.

One part of the Northville Art House's November/December holiday festivities is the all-media juried fine art exhibit "[small] Works".  The artwork in this show will be no larger than twelve inches in any dimension (including framing).  A fun element of this exhibit is that it is a cash-and-carry show -- purchasers are able to take the art they buy home that day -- great for holiday gift giving.  

Another part is the amazing array of raffle gift baskets FILLED with incredible items and coupons from local merchants, artists, and sponsors.  There are also gorgeous hand made wreaths available.  I can't wait!

And the upper gallery is not the only gift-filled shopping area -- Patti Witte, the Art House's new Art Store Manager, is working on getting fresh, new artwork in the store...including new artists as well as new work from current artists.  Patti will have the store decked out for the holidays!

I realize that all of this is still a few months away but for me it is front and center.  My goal is to get a lot of entries from artists who have never submitted work for an exhibit at the Northville Art House.    Jewelry artisans, woodworkers, metal smiths, and so many kinds of clay and ceramics -- many artists make such delightful smaller works.  But I am also hopeful that the smaller format of this show may challenge and encourage new ideas from artists who usually work in a larger size.

I am very excited to see the entries come in!


Pacific College Mom said...

Ohh, this is exciting! Gonna see what I can come up with for the show. Thanks for posting!

Took said...


I forgot to mention in the post that I am not on the jury, I am just coordinating it.

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