Wednesday, August 14, 2013

365/2013 - Day 225

holy heck -- where did the time go today???

I have been busy all day but I have nothing to "show" for photos to document anything.

Joan, Leann and I had an abbreviated but really good Wednesday Morning at a new coffeehouse in town.  We met several people.  We discussed a lot of stuff.  Joan did a little bit of editing of my re-written press release (that I totally reworked from yesterday's rough draft), Leann shared an incredible box FULL of her work that will be going into another upcoming show/database.  (I am also intending to make a box for that show but I haven't gotten very far yet.  I WILL, spurred on now by Leann's masterpiece...but wow.)

I visited a new shop in the same mini mall and talked more with that owner...there is a bunch of stuff I could put to good use in there!  It is a good place for Sue to bring her MIL when she is here next week.  

I got the artist photos onto a CD to go along with the press release.  Joan and I were having problems with my files opening on her computer at the office (Mac vs PC) and why are we having problems all of a sudden...neither one of  us was understanding what the deal was and neither one of us had the time -- or were up to totally exploring the problems -- but we got the files to open...that took a lot of time, but no documentation to show for it.

Whew...I got a tiny dose of the sort of things Joan deals with every day (all day) as Director of the NAH.  I don't know how she does much multitasking...AND she has a life outside of work...a very very full one at that.  I am in awe. 

And tonight was my first Northville Arts Commission meeting as a Commissioner.  I seconded a couple of motions, I participated in discussions...and during the meeting it began to dawn on me just how much I have "signed up for" in coordinating back-to-back shows at the Art House...there is a lot to do all of a I am on other side of deadlines...and this really IS the stuff I love to do...all really good and satisfying, but photos (and there wouldn't be, you know?)...but all of this explains why this blog post is a bit dull.  

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