Tuesday, August 27, 2013

365/2013 - Day 238

pulling images and wrapping horns

Today I spent the afternoon pulling images of cats and dogs from magazines that my vet's office save for me.  After a couple of hours I realized -- duh -- this would be a great activity for me during not-so-busy times at the Northville Art House this week.  I am filling in for Patti Wednesday, Thursday and Friday.  Patti will be back on Saturday.  I tried working with Tookies last Saturday (early on when I first arrived -- before the crush started during the Food Truck Rally) but there really isn't enough room back there at the desk.  The magazines would be easily stacked and set aside when needed.  Yay.

Then I got an idea for the guy with the long horns.  I wanted to do something more with the horns than just paint them.  I grabbed a package of rope/clothesline from the basement and gave it a go.

before the wrapping
before the wrapping
the wrapping material
"Yeah...I kinda trust you."
tape and rope -- the beginning
both horns wrapped -- rear view
front view -- something's not quite right...oh...the rope on the right horn needs to slant down -- you may remember I am not very good at mirror images
okay -- right horn re-wrapped...nope...not right yet
re-re-wrapped on the right...still not right, but better...I will see how I feel about it once I  have put plaster cloth on the left horn -- it may turn out I am not happy with the rope any way...LOL
I need to turn the computer off now...we are supposed to get more thunderstorms (we had some this morning) and I wanted to get this posted NOW so I won't have to worry about whether we lose electricity or not.  There have been a couple of rumbles and it is already getting darker.

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