Wednesday, August 7, 2013

365/2013 - Day 218

Wednesday Morning at Joan's

What a lovely way to start the day -- with Joan and Leann for another Wednesday Morning at Joan's.

Joan collects heart shaped rocks and she found me this cat/heart shaped rock.  She found a skull/heart shaped rock for Leann last week.
Joan worked on a collage.
Leann worked on carving.
I packaged Tookies.
Yep...still not done yet.

And this evening I worked on the box labels for this set of Tookies.  It would be nice to know what I was doing, but I really have no interest whatsoever in learning computer skills.  It took me five tries, but I am happy with the last one.  I only wish they looked as saturated and bright in person as they do on the computer.

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