Sunday, August 25, 2013

365/2013 - Day 236

a little bit of progress

Today I have been tweaking the small spikey guy.  I think this will be the ONLY small spikey guy I make -- I am really really tired of getting poked with the needle.  This fabric is the major problem as far as I can tell.  It doesn't like to be sewn.  It must have to do with the color-changing process or something.  I will be very lucky if tonight is the end of the needle mishaps...geez.

Tonight I added the lavender, gray, and dark blue striped spikes on the left side of this small spikey's back.
This is his front...I stitched up both of the sides, added the stuffing, and put a (probably) temporary stitch across the top -- just to hold it shut so I could see what I have so far.
Another view.

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