Saturday, August 10, 2013

365/2013 - Day 221

I think this one's done

I am quite pleased with the way this Tooklet turned out -- I think he is done.  Because each Tooklet is so different, it is sometimes hard for me to tell when they are done...vs the Tookies that have definite steps that I follow and are complete when the steps are through.

And from earlier today -- 

The cat/dog/torpedo/parkour nut that is Bootsy must have launched himself off of my papier mache pony because I came to find this -- the scene of the accident:

First Responder Twink at the scene...tending to the injured pony.

After standing the pony back up it appears (thankfully) the only damage is some cracking on the ears.

Tonight (just a few minutes ago) I wanted to show a picture of where the pony usually stands and I found Bootsy laying there with a "what happened to that pony I put here" look on his face.

See how much of a knock down spin out that was?  Look at where the pony is now and where and how I found it in the earlier photo -- man -- a major hit-and-run!

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