Sunday, August 11, 2013

365/2013 - Day 222

more Tooklets 

This morning and early afternoon I worked on Tooklets.  I decided to use the older one with the pocket on the back as-is.  The other older one got tweaked with color, a new tail, and horns/ears.

I am happy with this guy.
I am going to leave him as-is.
Here is how this guy looked in his "before" stage.
I took off his stubby tail.
He got this new longer one.
I made some horns/ears and attached them behind the soft, colorful yarn I usually use on the bottom edge of Tookies.

I like his new tail.
I put two colors of embroidery floss together and made a row of x's across his tummy.

The rest of the afternoon and early evening were spent with my close, personal friend -- Benadryl.  

After some recovery time it was on to trimming Tookies labels.  I am going to try to assemble the remaining finger puppets and their packaging late tonight while I am doing laundry.  I have to be up anyway.

I have to hand trim this type of label if I want the border to stay intact.  I just can't seem to do close and even cutting with the paper cutter.

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