Friday, August 9, 2013

365/2013 - Day 220

sewing again

Patti (the new manager of the Northville Art House Store) asked me if I would make some Tookies to sell in the Store.  Today we had a meeting and I showed her the sorts of things I had available to work with.  I also showed Patti an early version of a Tooklet with a pocket on his back.  Patti told me the date she'd ideally like to have them by and I told her I'd go ahead and make some and see if she likes any of them.

When I started going through my materials tonight I found that I have a couple of Tooklets in progress.  Tonight I fooled around with one and I like how it is going so far.

An in-progress Tooklet and a spike that will serve as a tail.
Adding an arm (after smooshing the head down a bit).
Not done yet, but I like him so far.
I like his tail!

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