Saturday, August 24, 2013

365/2013 - Day 235

holy cats I am wiped out!

Today I sat in for Patti at the Northville Art House Store from 1-8 during the big Food Truck Rally -- there must have been about a billion people who had never been to the Art House before and I told them my spiel about the classes, birthday parties, the Michigan made artwork in the store and all about the exhibits and the current one and about First Fridays.  I just need to sit in my chair with my feet up.  

I had a good time talking with people and signing them up for the newsletter...but boy oh boy I am DONE for today.

Joan and Liz and Bob and other volunteers were outside mingling talking up the Art House, too.  Joan and Liz put out tables and chairs for the people to sit and eat their food truck food.  And they even had to take more out later in the day.  It was packed!

I had my sewing kit with me...thinking I'd work on Tookies or the new little spikey guy...ha!  That happened for about ten minutes when I first arrived.

It has been a very long day...I'm not used to this...LOL.

This was taken early in the day before it got really packed -- look at our art doors decorated at the children's table at the Arts & Acts Festival this summer...I will take better pictures of them next week when I go back.

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