Tuesday, August 13, 2013

365/2013 - Day 224

gluing is done, dammit!

It always takes longer than I remember to glue all of the labels on the boxes and the labels onto the inner blocks for my Tookies finger puppets for Art-o-mat.  It's tedious, sticky, and back/neck breaking w-o-r-k.  I get into a rhythm after a while, but it is still real work...as opposed to making the finger puppets -- that is work, too -- but a much different kind of work.

I add these small MDF blocks to the boxes as weight for ease of vending in the Art-o-mat machines.
2 end labels + 1 name label + 1 note label = a lot of gluing...it is time consuming.
There -- all ready for tomorrow's day of wrapping up the puppets with the info inserts and stuffing the boxes.  Then the cellophane/acetate get wrapped around the boxes and taped shut with packing tape -- not regular frosted or clear Scotch tape.

Today I am also working on the rough draft of the press release for the show I am curating at the Northville Art House in October.  This will be the first show I am curating and this is my first ever press release.  Joan gave me some previous press releases to use as a model, thank goodness.  But still -- I am not a person who finds writing a fun task.  There is definitely an art to writing.  I can do it, it just takes me a very long time to get it the way I want it...then I still need a good editor and some tweaking help.  Sheesh.   (On my long list of stuff-I-would-rather-not-do, writing is pretty close to the top but not as high on the list as painting.)

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