Thursday, August 15, 2013

365/2013 - Day 226

I almost can't believe it

The 100 Tookies finger puppets that I have been working on/trying to package are ready to ship to Art-o-mat!!!

There are 50 black Tookies that basically look like this (but each has its own personality):

And there are 50 "variety" Tookies:  solid blue, blue/blue stripe, black/white stripe, camouflage print:

And of course I just this moment realized that while I did remember to add a note inside the top box, I totally forgot to make a placard or take a photo for the artists page for the website.  I will have to see what I shot while I was making these guys...and I can send the placards in an envelope separately -- but GEEZ -- is there anything else that could trip me up with this particular batch of Tookies?  Wasn't all that photo program trouble enough?  (That is still going on, btw...but I have sort of learned how to get around it.)

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