Wednesday, August 21, 2013

265/2013 - Day 232

whoa -- full day

Wow I nearly slept through my deadline...thanks a lot, Benadryl -- and thank you for real, whatever woke me up.

This morning (seems so far away now) Leann came over.  Joan couldn't make it today.  Leann was folding origami birds and I needed to take photos of 4 pieces I am submitting to an upcoming local show.
one of the collages I am submitting to a local show

(Man...I am losing it...nodding off...having to re-type the same sentence over and over again.

Then I put my submission packet together, burned the CD of images, ran the packet over to the venue, came home and did two loads of laundry, put together all of my materials for tonight's Exhibit Committee meeting...attended the meeting -- a really good, lively discussion with everyone participating.

my bag of stuff for the meeting tonight

 Okay, okay...see you tomorrow!  Time to sleep now.

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