Tuesday, August 6, 2013

365/2013 - Day 217

lots of running around and new art

Today Juana accompanied me on my running around on her side of town errands...which were mainly to drop off the Call for Entries for the upcoming "[small] Works Exhibit" to several locations.  Juana and I work well as a team.  We hit LIFT in Royal Oak, Book Beat in Oak Park, Utrecht in Detroit, Detroit Artists Market, Ferndale Public Library, Utrecht in Royal Oak and we went to Rust Belt Market in Ferndale but they weren't open so Juana said she'd take the forms over tomorrow.  Whew!

I was also absolutely thrilled that Juana delivered her painting "My Monster Heart" to me today when I picked her up.  I loved, loved, loved this very Juana piece from the first moment I saw it and we came to an agreement that if it didn't sell at the show she painted it for -- the Black, Red, & White Show at Funhouse Gallery -- when it came down I could purchase it in installments from her.  I am SO happy!

"My Monster Heart" by Juana Moore
Mothra, Gamera (the children's friend), and Godzilla

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