Monday, August 12, 2013

365/2013 - Day 223

and now, a few Tookies

Today I have been making a few Tookies to be sold at the Northville Art House Store along with the Tooklets.  I am making these on spec for now, we'll see how many/which ones Patti will want for the store. 

Patti found a ceramic hand and was thinking she might put the hand in a basket and display the Tookies on it (and around the hand IN the basket), but the fingers are too bent over.  I remembered I have one of those wooden articulated artist's hands, but they have sharp little poke-y pegs on the hand part that people could nick themselves on...also the articulated knuckles catch on the inside of the finger puppets...and I have see firsthand that people tend to try them on repeatedly and that is just not going to work.  Oh -- also the wooden hand's fingers only go back and forth, not sideways and they are too close together for the puppets.

I also remembered this wire holder -- I think it is meant for xmas cards or photographs to be displayed -- but it holds the Tookies pretty well.  Again, the problem will be that the spiral-y wire will catch on the inside of the puppets.  The Tookies could hang by teensy safety pins or those teensy clothes pins off of the wire branches...that might also discourage people from trying them on.  We'll think of something.

I like these Tookies a lot...they can be slightly more elaborate and/or larger than the ones for Art-o-mat because they don't have to fit inside of a box for vending.  I can let the horns get really wacky on these.

Tonight I am going to try to get more Tookies packaged for Art-o-mat.  I would love to ship them tomorrow while Sue and I are together and out and about.

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