Monday, August 19, 2013

365/2013 - Day 230

paper layers

I enjoy adding layers of torn tissue paper to my plaster cloth guys.  It is relaxing and I get to touch the piece a lot while smoothing out the pieces.

I don't know who I think I am kidding when I tell myself I might be able to get this guy done enough for photos for an upcoming show.  I have two other entries and it is less likely that something 3D will get in due to lack of space, etc...but I am still working on this guy with that in mind.

ready to get started -- I just need to cover the table
after the first layer
second layer for today -- then I ran out of this paper -- it goes all the way around at this level
In between layers of paper I had an opportunity to submit additional photographs for a different upcoming show I am trying for.  I find it kind of frustrating (lately) to try to get good pics of my guys -- I don't have any photo lights anymore (they all broke or burned out) and today especially I had trouble with Djubi's big glass eyes.  They reflect everything, including me trying to not be in the reflection.   I had him in the guest bathroom because of the skylight's light and I had white butcher paper up over the mirror and shower door but I only managed to get three decent (not good) shots. They are closer than the other ones and the color is truer so I submitted them.  If it helps, cool...if not, it won't.

here is what I was talking about -- gah -- at least you can see his pupils a little bit

and a more dimensional shot of him holding his pouch open
and a detail of the dots
I have been at this since 10:30 this morning.  I might work on my new little spikey guy later on tonight...but for right now I am done.

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