Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Very exciting news!

Remember I said one of my goals this year was to submit work for local shows? Well, I did and was accepting to one of the most fabulous shows! I get to make stuff for Meth & Hot Dogs 2 and I am so excited!

I have an idea of the character I want to make. I know I will make a collage, but I am also going to try to do justice to the character in some sort of sculpted form.

Below is a brief description of the show and the artists line up...swiped from Kill Taupe's blog. Here is a LINK to Kill Taupe's blog entry.

Meth & Hot Dogs 2 is a celebration of character art in all its forms. The exhibit will bring together a group of artists who have an appreciation for the demented, cute and strange. M&HD2 opens April 30th at Lift Designer Toys & Gallery in Royal Oak, MI.

matthewryansharp kristin-barr gus-fink
dennis-hansbury cuddly-rigor emi-boz
dusty-artwork skulldaggery jenn-and-tony
jc-rivera jim-bradshaw scottoons2
love-sandwich kill-taupe martin-corba
noosedkitty hansma a-little-stranger
carlos-araujo codi-schibi crystal-mielcarek
crowded-teeth grimsheep bonus-saves
missmonster tim-pewe rsin
happycloud-thunderhead lauren-moyer matt-keiser
stephen-vincent noiton perfect-laughter
hello-again-monsters vanessa took
wisechick sumbody mike-kelly

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