Tuesday, February 1, 2011

365 Day 32

adding weight to the Tookies boxes (and other activities)

I am working on assembling and finishing the boxes for my Tookies -- the finger puppet series I just completed for Art-o-mat. I'd like to ship them out to Artists in Cellophane by Friday.

I was originally going to use a small MDF block for the weight in the box but it was too bulky with the finger puppet folded in half to fit the box.

My next choice was to add Canadian pennies to the boxes. They are easy to secure in place with tape and I can't really use them for anything so they seemed like a good idea. Yesterday I had two pennies per end flap but today the boxes felt a little off balance and still a bit lightweight. So I moved the pennies to the interior of the box and put two on each side.

It was better, but still felt a little light to me. I added one more penny to each end flap
and made little stickers telling why the pennies were in the boxes. I was thinking that perhaps someone would be getting a Tooky as their first Art-o-mat purchase and would not "get" what the deal was with the pennies.

So now the boxes are lined with pennies all the way around the interior sides and ends of the box and it feels like it is a really good weight for vending. Yay.

In the middle of the box work my next door neighbor Angie c
alled. We are getting a bunch of snow tonight. We share a driveway that is between our two houses. Angie and Brian rent that house and have two cars and a tiny garage that they keep his special car in. Brian uses my snow blower to clean our mutual driveway and my back driveway. Angie wanted to know if they could put her small car in my garage tonight because Brian wasn't sure what to do with all of this snow.

I had no problem with that, but I needed to move some stuff out of the garage and into the basement. I have been meaning to move it anyway, so no big deal.

I have a large-ish metal shelving unit on wheels that weighs about 90 pounds and is taller than me. I managed to get it into the house and into the kitchen to clean it up and then (thankfully) it made the turn in the hallway and slid into my studio pretty easily. But I needed to move things around first to make room for it. That included pulling and pushing the eliptical machine (which was nearly impossible) and also maneuvering the paper rack (that almost reaches the ceiling) in a tiny space. I was laughing myself silly...I am used to moving things by myself, but I guess I forgot that I am getting old and creaky. Anyway -- it all got done and I am beat!

This is enough progress for today!

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