Friday, February 18, 2011

365 Day 49 -- Part Two

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It was kind of uncanny. Almost as soon as I had finished with the plaster cloth session and washed the mess off my hands and was just sitting down at the computer, the phone rang. It was Matt. He had the two bases done and wanted to drop them off so I could work with them over the weekend.

These are the things I was able to figure out in my head, but unable to build on my own.

Twink is riding on the working bit of Piece #1. The four casters move in all directions. (And Twink loves riding on this cart...geez!)

The musical works were attached to my work-around fix...two turntable things. Now the musical part also moves in all directions instead of just forward and backward. (This is what I was having trouble describing to Matt yesterday...when he drew his own picture of what he needed to do.)

I decided I "needed" to see how the guy would look on top of the cart. As soon as I snapped this photo, he toppled off -- end over end -- off of the cart, hitting the table, then the chair, then the floor. I totally expected to see the ears (at least) broken off...they were still wet from earlier.

(this photo is looking straight down onto the guy on the floor)

But no -- the guy was just fine...not even a crack!

Move on to Part Three...

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