Friday, February 18, 2011

365 Day 49 -- Part Three

wrapping up today's entry...

This is Piece #2. Matt worked on this one first but had it at his house yesterday -- he was already in his car when I texted him so he came over without it.

I got this bread box at a garage sale last summer for a dollar. I knew I wanted to make something with it but at the time I bought it I wasn't sure what exactly I was going to do with it.

I have wanted to make some sort of plaster cloth guy with a xylophone in his chest for a long, long time. Finally, I am getting the chance.

Matt cut the box down -- took off the slant. He removed the glass from the door. He removed the original panel that was the back of the box and retrofitted the xylophone.

He also couldn't help himself and he added that cool old number six to the side of the box. I like it a changes my original idea a bit...but I like it a lot.

This weekend I will wor
k on the shape of the guy. I tried placing some cardboard boxes on top of the bread/xylophone box but nothing was coming yet. Plus I need to get some more wide plaster cloth...all I have is 4" stuff.

Tonight I will be making faces on the Tookies finger puppets -- adding eyelashes and mouths. It is reeeeeally windy today and I am slightly worried that the power will go out. That is why I am posting all of this now. Then I can just work on the Tookies and not stress about making my midnight deadline.

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