Saturday, February 5, 2011

KT Goodlove 194

No? Well, you're clearly the expert on these things.

I was going to put in something for the cat girl to be pointing at or waving her baton at, directing...but I decided it looked better without something else there. Also, it allows the viewer to fill in the story.

I'm also crazy about how well the head matches what the body is doing.

This is another one of those characters that is painted in that fantastic beyond-Barbie semi-metallic intensely pink paint. Maybe I will go back and take a detail shot at another time if I can get the color right with the camera. My scanner -- and camera -- just refuse to "see" this incredible shad of pink like it really is.

UPDATE: I just added two detail shots -- the color is almost right.

KT Goodlove is the collaborative collage series that Kettle and I make for Art-o-mat. Kettle paints on the block and then I add my paper bits. This is #194.

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