Saturday, February 5, 2011

KT Goodlove 189

come with us now on a journey through time & space

KT Goodlove is the collaborative collage series that Kettle and I make for Art-o-mat. Kettle paints on the block and then I add my paper bits.
This is #189.

This is a block where Kettle left the background unfinished, so I used a piece of butcher/deli paper that I colored with alcohol inks and watercolors. I made a reverse mask of the cloud and fit my altered paper onto the block.

This is also one of those collages where my scanner does not pick up the true beyond-Barbie pink of the cloud. The paint also has a metallic element to it (not glitter). The actual intense pink is closer to the color of the cat girl's top than what shows up in the is really a great color.

The text comes from the opening of the British television show The Mighty Boosh.

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