Thursday, February 17, 2011

365 Day 48

working on the submission(s)

Earlier this evening my friend Matt was able to come by and discuss my ideas for the working part(s) of my submission(s) for that toy-themed show.

It occurred to me that my original idea for piece #1 had a flaw and we went over my drawings and the updated work around fix that I came up with. It is sometimes hard for me to convey what it is I am I am not at all mechanical-minded.

I tried to draw what I was talking about but we ended up using the stuff from the hardware store as props and we finally connected on what I was trying to explain.

Matt is much more detail-oriented than I am and he drew himself a better sketch of what he needs to do.

The second piece I will be submitting is still at Matt's and is ready for me, he just didn't have it with him when he got my text.

You know, I have had these pieces in my head for a long time. It is really cool that this show came along and that they may possibly be accepted for it. Whether that happens or not -- I think these are going to be really great and I am excited to be working on them.

Tonight I will be working on the toy part of piece #1. I will be working with plaster cloth and I am not sure I will be done in time to meet my blog post midnight deadline, and I know I am not going to want to stop and clean up enough to take I am checking in with this much for now.

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