Wednesday, February 2, 2011

365 Day 33

DONE! Finger Puppets are ready to ship!

I started up Fantastic Mr. Fox and just let it play over and over while I was working. The only time I took off was about a half hour for lunch and then about 45 minutes of snow shoveling on the street in front of the mailbox. My day started at 9:30 and I just finished at 8:00. Yay!

Today was a day of making labels with the Xyron, using the paper cutter to trim the excess paper edges to conserve Xyron adhesive, trimming all the little labels with scissors and then sticking the labels on the boxes...all very time consuming and yet somehow enjoyable.

The most tedious parts were pulling the backing off the labels/stickers, signing the boxes and the wrapping of acetate around the boxes. I was having trouble getting the acetate (cellophane) tight today.

I will pack up the box tonight and ship it to Artistis in Cellophane (Art-o-mat HQ) tomorrow!!!

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