Wednesday, February 9, 2011

365 Day 40

me...making a sketch book of actual plans???

Who would've thought this would happen? Certainly not me! I am not a maker of drawn out plans and details or a sketcher in sketch books...but look -- I'm doing it!

I am hoping to submit a couple of pieces to the "Come Play With Me" show at Paint Creek Center for the Arts in Rochester.

The ideas that are flying around in my head are there in abundance. MAKING them happen on the mechanical end is not. I got up my nerve and asked a friend of mine for some help in doing the construction part of the workings of the piece(s) and *gasp* he agreed (although he hasn't seen anything in person yet...LOL) so I figured I had better at least try and make sketches in order to get my ideas from my head to something he could see too.

So far the two days we had planned on meeting didn't work out. He was not in town on Monday and I had a power outage yesterday. On Thursday I have a commitment (that I will blog about). Hopefully we can get together tonight or later in the week. The deadline for the submissions is going to come up really fast.

So far I have made three sketches for three projects. I will most likely only be able to do one for the submission...maybe two...maybe another different one...I will blog about the progress of most of them because if they end up not working out in time for submitting them for consideration for the show -- or they don't get accepted -- I will just complete them anyway and keep them for myself or put them on Etsy or something.

The "plaster-cloth-mostly-built-already" guy and the rolling musical toy are elements of the main piece I want to do for the Come Play With Me show.

I have been thinking about a lot of these things for a long, long time and I really need to make them. Perhaps if I just make them anyway a few will fit other shows at some point. Who knows. All I know I just need to do this.

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