Sunday, February 13, 2011

365 Day 44

I've got my work cut out for me...

Carol at Art-o-mat HQ said "make more finger puppets", so I am. But I think I will make 100 instead of 50...if I just do it now -- and in assembly line fashion while I am still in the mood -- I think that will be really good and should go more smoothly.

I started to count out 100 of the fingers that I had left that need 2 seams. Two problems. One, I only had 82 two-seamers left. Two, some of them were looking like they were going to fight me a little. I knew that there were still some gloves available locally so I ran up there and grabbed some more. I was only going to get adult-sized ones but I caved and got some kid-sized ones, too because of the colors. More on that later.

Okay. The process in prepping the gloves goes something like this...

The gloves come packaged two pairs to a set, so you have to cut them apart (cut out those annoying little plastic things) and then you cut off the wrists.

As you are cutting off the wrists you separate the gloves into matching piles.

Here is a glove without the wrist.

Next cut off the thumb.

Now you cut the fingers apart. This makes 2 sets of fingers: one set that requires 1 seam and one set that requires 2 seams. For this new set of 100 Art-o-mat "Tookies", I will be using all two- seamers.

I set aside the one-seamers (for another project).

And here are the 100 two-seamers for this set of Art-o-mat "Tookies".

This is why I didn't want to get kid-sized gloves. The bottom edge that gets turned in is shorter than on the adult-sized gloves. It most likely will be okay, but those are the ones that turn out shorter on your finger.

Another reason is the edges of the fingers on the kid-sized gloves also tend to curl up more easily when I am trying to work with them. But the reason I DO like the kid-sized gloves is that they come in solid colors, and colors that are not offered in adult-sized gloves. I have never had a solid gray before. I really like them.

And here are the results of my prep work today. I also sorted the remaining items into little bins and labeled them (yay!) instead of just dumping them into the larger yarn-and-sewing-bin (that needs to be sorted out, too).

And look -- some of the thumbs from today's adult-sized gloves look like they might be able to be used for a different sort of puppet later on. The gloves this year have been from a different manufacturer than I have had in the past. The other older remaining thumbs (in the unsorted larger bin) are all very stubby and thumby. I use those as decorations sometimes on other puppets.

Hopefully I will be able to work on these in a more organized sort of assembly line manner. I would like to put ALL of the eyes on first. Then do ALL of the side seams, etc. We'll see how it goes...

In the meantime, I will still be working on other projects and cleaning and organizing.

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