Sunday, February 6, 2011

KT Goodlove 199 and 200

We are more than what we seem.

KT Goodlove is the collaborative collage series that Kettle and I make for Art-o-mat. Kettle paints on the block and then I add my paper bits. These are the last two blocks in this set -- #199 and #200.

On some of the blocks I make a reverse mask of Kettle's image and add in things to the backgrounds. For this collage I used a piece of butcher/deli paper that I colored with alcohol inks and watercolors.

And look what it is, it's two more of those worms/snakes coming up out of those holes again. These two blocks actually fit together with block #196 and seemed to make a triptych but I couldn't get the combined collage to work over three blocks, plus I think that #196 works well as a stand alone. Another reason for making two blocks and then a separate one is that cutting a reverse mask that would fit over three blocks would have been pretty tricky. It was challenging enough with two. person this collage looks kind of space-y. (To me) It looks like they are sitting on a planet surface and that cat girl better be careful not to lean back too far or she will fall off and go floating in Space forever.

And these blocks complete this set of KT Goodlove for Art-o-mat. Tomorrow I will ship them off to Artists in Cellophane for distribution to Art-o-mat machines across the country! I wonder where they will end up?

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