Tuesday, February 8, 2011

365 Day 39

work(s) in progress

Some of my goals for this year's 365 Project:
  • use/explore some of the materials I already have
  • re-visit projects that were set aside "for later"
  • organize areas in the studio so that I can work IN the studio instead of at the dining room table
Today I am DOING some of that!

This canvas was originally a wish board from a session of The Artist's Way. It proved to be a very powerful wish board, indeed. Pretty much every thing, image, wish became reality.

When I first moved to this house I decided I was going to repurpose the canvas. I pulled off a lot of the collaged images but some of the things remained...like a bit of mulberry paper, some star-shaped rivets and a few phrases written in Sharpie.

Okay -- wait a second. Before I go any further I need to say this one time. I won't harp on it throughout the year, and I am not putting myself down...I am just stating fact. I am not a real painter and I am not trying to pretend that I am. I don't really have a feel for which paints do what or blending colors or layering or mixing types of paint -- I also don't have a sense of not doing those things (as in "OMG -- you can't DO that"). I have very limited drawing/painting abilities...it is often hard for me to get what I am seeing in my head onto a surface. Much of what I do in this area is the result of just playing around and letting the piece make itself. Okay -- back to the narrative.

When I first began to alter the canvas I turned it upside down and the mulberry paper that was used as ground now became a bit of ceiling or clouds or something. The "new" placement of the stars and telltale lines, etc. looked to me like 3 ghosts. The stars were their eyes and mouths. I was thinking they were ghosts because you could see so much of the old images and things coming through the new paint and stains I was using.

I made those 3 ghosts, hated the solid pink paint, hated the spots of the guy on the left and was just not very happy with it in general...although I did like the ghost idea...so I set it aside "for later", which turned into like 4 years.

Today I decided I wanted to do something with Lumiere paints. I love them. I love the colors. I chose this canvas and this is today's layer. I sincerely doubt that I will actively work on this canvas, but I will keep adding to it in between projects.

needed a place to put the canvas while it dries and I chose this spot in the CD closet...it can soak up good vibes and subliminal inspiration from all the music surrounding it.

And here is what needs organizing -- sheesh! This will be worked on a little at a time. I already had that table cleared off not too long ago, remember? I guess I need to find more permanent places for things instead of just shuffling them around.

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Woodie said...

great goals. I need to take on some of my old projects, too. thanks for the inspiration.

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