Tuesday, February 15, 2011

365 Day 46

working slowly but steadily today

If I had done nothing but sit and sew buttons/eyes today, I have no doubt I could have done all 100 pairs in time for my midnight deadline.

However, I also ran errands and worked on one of my submissions for a show.

I managed to affix the eyes onto 51 Tookies...49 to go. Then I will move on to eyelashes and mouths.

I am happy with this guy so far. I will start the plaster cloth on the ears and arms tomorrow. I am still considering giving him a tail and maybe a little more shape to his face...maybe not.


mim said...

Wow, you're doing a 365, also. I'm on day 77 of mine. And I need to do lots of Art-o pieces as I just got notice that they're all out of my work. yikes!

Took said...

Cool, Mim! I just started following your blog.

It is HARD to keep up with the Arto-demand, isn't it???

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