Sunday, February 20, 2011

365 Day 51

Woah...I was getting lost on Etsy for a minute there -- nearly missed my deadline!

Geez. I lose track of time looking at all the fabulous art on Etsy. You see one thing, then you see something that was hearted by someone you heart, so you go look at that...then at that seller's other items...then it snowballs...then it is only a few minutes until your midnight deadline.


Today I finished up the eyelashes on the remaini
ng 18 finger puppets. Now all one hundred of them are done to that stage.

I also put all of the labels that I made last week onto the boxes. The boxes just need weight(s) for making vending in the machines easier, then they are done and ready for me to complete the puppets. Yay!

I also put a quick coat of paint on the toy I am customizing. That's all...just a coat of paint. I am not sure what all I will do to this yet, but I know I am going to try to do a good paint job.

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