Monday, January 31, 2011

365 Day 31

finger puppet series unveiled!
That is my friend Andi modeling some finger puppets. Andi is always a willing accomplice and she is a big Arto-fan. Today is Andi's birthday.

Here it is -- I am calling the series "Tookies". An individual puppet would be a "Tooky". This is my latest series for Art-o-mat.

I was planning on using a small MDF block as the box weight (the same ones I use for the "Penciled In" series) but the bottom edge of the puppets makes the box bulge with the block. So, plan B -- four pennies taped to the inside flaps. The boxes have to have an evenly distributed weight in order to vend well in the machines -- especially in the older antique machines like mine.

This is a Tooky unwrapped, with its tissue paper and information insert. The info includes the address to this blog.

A Tooky -- ready for fun!

1 comment:

SOiNTOiT said...

Oh, you clever, clever person....I love these! I love the color and the whimsy and the work it takes to create them....I love watching the production process and am so with you on the satisfaction of it all. Took, Took, fun :)

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