Sunday, January 30, 2011

365 Day 30

I finished them!

Here are the final 19 -- all done.

This is the puppet that will be on the label...may not be this exact photo, but it will be this puppet.

I came up with a name for the series. I will share that tomorrow when I show you the label.

I am keeping one puppet -- its name is Keepy.

Here is Keepy looking at the refrigerator magnets and posing for a picture.

And here are ALL of the completed finger puppets!

NOW I need to write the box insert, make the labels, put the labels on the boxes, add in something for weight in the box so it will vend well, wrap cellophane/acetate around the boxes (securing the wrapper with strong shipping tape, not frosted Scotch tape like for gift wrapping), box up the boxes and ship them to Artists in Cellophane! I will show you that tomorrow.


Elin said...

Man, you're on quite a roll with these guys. Love 'em!

Jean said...

They are very cute, especially Keepy!

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